STAY AFLOAT project is designed to help entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to identify and interpret early warning signs of a business crisis. The project aims at guiding individuals in acquiring and developing skills and key competences vital to starting, growing, and sustaining a thriving enterprise. The developed products will help entrepreneurs during the first five years of a new company to overcome the most important challenges by using coaching and Emotional Intelligence skills. STAY AFLOAT project also aims to increase the number of business advisors (coaches) who are incorporating early-stage warning signals of business crisis and intervention strategies into their training programmes. By improving the skills and attitude of business advisors, the effectiveness of entrepreneurship training will be increased, and waves of change will be made through entrepreneurship teaching. 


Project number: KA220-ADU-000035662 

Project duration: 01-11-2021  –   01-01-2024